Bad pictures of good food

On a recent weekend trip to Kansas City the food was everywhere from bad to great.  Kansas City is actually a great foodie city for those who have never been- much more than just barbecue.
First the bad: the breakfasts at the hotel were pretty awful, but it’s a free hotel breakfast, so whatever.
The good but not great, and a little disappointing: the first evening we were in KC we wanted to go to a great local spot called Carmen’s Cafe, but they were booked.  We ended up at North, which describes itself as “modern Italian.”  We thought this was a local place, but it turns out it is a small chain.  The restaurant was very noisy.  Our table was right beside where the servers stood and rolled silverware when they didn’t have anything better to do.  Just beyond that was the open kitchen, the stupidest concept ever in the restaurant industry if you ask me.  The food was decently good but neither creative or what I would call “modern.”  They do make their own pasta, so it was very fresh tasting.
After a bad breakfast we had lunch on the street at the Plaza Art Fair.  Plus many great samples at one of the best stores ever, The Better Cheddar.
The best: my favorite restaurant ever is KC’s La Bodega, a Spanish tapas restaurant.  Great sangria and always great food.  These are the bad pictures.  (It was very dark in there.)

Breaded artichoke heart
Spicy meatball with cream sauce
More meatballs, with red sauce
Spanish bruschetta (I forget the name, it started with a p). Best picture, least impressive dish.
Cheesecake, it had something in it but our server said it was just plain cheesecake. Way better than Cheesecake Factory.
Flan with fig sauce

After another bad breakfast we visited the Boulevard brewery

Nothing like beer on a Sunday morning

and then The Roasterie Coffee company


We headed to the downtown farmer’s market for a very good lunch at The Bite, a cool fusion of Latin and Asian.

A cuban, pulled pork, and hash


We also had some great beignets there from a neat Cajun place that felt just like New Orleans.


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