Theft and Resurrection

For the Easter sunrise service this year I wanted to make some lemon drop biscuits. I hadn’t seen or heard of these anywhere, they just came to my mind and sounded good (and easy). I do lots of cooking without recipes, but not so much baking. So I did what almost any modern person would have done- I Googled “lemon drop biscuits.” I didn’t find any recipes I liked, so I took a step back and searched for just “drop biscuits.” Here’s a secret: recipes are easy to manipulate. Perhaps that’s not such a big secret. Some people seem to think that chefs spend countless hours developing each new recipe. The basics are all already there, though. Like music, like art, like most things these days, there is nothing much new under the sun. A few simple tweaks to the following recipe for drop biscuits from America’s Test Kitchen and I had my lemon drop biscuits.

America’s Test Kitchen “Best Drop Biscuits”

This is how I tweaked it:

  • I got myself 2 large lemons. I doubled the recipe, so 1 lemon for a single recipe.
  • First, I zested the lemons. Always be sure to do this before you juice anything. It’s much easier that way.
  • Instead of buttermilk I used the instructions for fake “clabbered” milk. I juiced the lemons and mixed 2 Tbsp of it with 2 cups milk because I was doubling the recipe.
  • I added the lemon zest in with the dry ingredients.
  • I finished making the biscuits as written.
  • I made a glaze with the remaining lemon juice and some powdered sugar. Whisk in powdered sugar a half cup at a time until it is thick but still runs. When you lift up the whisk it will “ribbon” back into the bowl, meaning it will keep its ribbon shape for a few moments before melding all back together. Don’t overthink it; a little too thin or a little too thick will still work. You could make a frosting and smear it on if you want to. Or leave it thin and pour it over the biscuits right after they come out of the oven so they soak it up.
  • After my biscuits had cooled for a few minutes I moved them to a rack set on top of a sheet pan and poured the glaze over them.
  • I let them set for a few minutes (until the next batch was ready) so the glaze would harden slightly, then I moved them to my serving container. All done!
Glazed Lemon Drop Biscuits

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