Picnic, BBQ, or Potluck Ready

It’s Memeroial Day weekend, and here in Kansas days of rain have caused many parks and lakes to close. But gatherings will still happen and food will still be eaten. While water pumps out of my basement I still have a potluck to get ready for. Here are a couple things that can be thrown together at the last minute- I know because I just did it. I purchased the groceries after lunch and these two dishes are ready for a 6pm potluck..

Number 1 – I started by slicing and cooking four stalks of rhubarb in my dutch oven with a good amount of sugar. When the rhubarb was tender I added in a pound of strawberries and and about half a pound of cherries. I transferred these to a bowl and stuck them in the freezer to cool off.

Number 2 – While the fruit was chilling I sliced a 5lb bag of red potatoes into a pot of water with some salt and boiled them until just fork tender. I didn’t want them falling apart. I also halved a read bell pepper, removed the seeds and ribs, rubbed with olive oil, and put it in a 400 degree toaster oven to roast. Once the potatoes were done I drained them, cooled them off with some cold water, put them in a large bowl, and splashed them with some cider vinegar. When the pepper was good and roasted I took it out and covered it with some foil- this helps steam the skin off.

Number 1 – When the fruit was cooled off I blended it with my stick blender and transfered it to my ice cream maker. It happened to be just the right amount for my quart freezer.

Number 2 – I diced up the roasted pepper and also some chives and parsley from my garden. I added to that a couple tablespoons of mustard and about a half cup of mayonnaise. Salt, pepper, and a pinch of coriander for seasoning, and this dressing was ready to go on the potatoes along with 4oz of goat cheese. One dish done!

Number 1- When the sorbet was almost done I whipped up 2 cups of cream with some powdered sugar and vanilla. I layered this with the finished sorbet in a casserole dish and swirled them together. I tried to not fully combine them to give it a neat look but maybe went too far. At 4:30pm this went into the freezer and I’m ready for the party at 6pm!

Creamy Rhubarb-Strawberry-Cherry Sorbet Dessert
Red Potato Salad with roasted red pepper, chives, parsley, and goat cheese


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